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This is Me!

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I am Sara, a Spanish freelance photographer based in London. I am specialised in portraits and street photography, however, I easily adapt to any settings. I also photograph business, social and sports events. I love capturing real moments and feelings. I blend perfectly with the guests at any party to capture their smiles, laughter, emotions, without disturbing the ambience.
I have always been creative and loved arts. My interest in photography started at a very young age, and I can tell you exactly when my journey through this wonderful world began. My parents bought me my first camera when I was nine years old and from that moment on, I couldn't stop taking pictures. That's how I discovered that my true passion was being behind the camera. After that, I took several courses that helped me turn my passion into a career and become a professional photographer. Photography has changed my life; it has helped me discover and develop a new side of me that I did not know existed.
When I hold my camera close to my face and I look through the viewfinder, I immerse myself in a magical world, free and silent, that stops in front of me so I can capture it. From that first contact until the moment I finish editing my pictures, I am free. I have created something that fills me with passion.

My aim is to capture authentic emotions and feelings that reflect the personality of the model and captivate the viewer.

If you love my style that I capture in my photos, I would love to hear from you, do not hesitate to contact me. We will have a great time together and you will get great professional photos.

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